Twenty five years ago I called myself a photographer for the first time. I was attending photography school in Stockholm, Sweden, had won first price in a photo contest, shot a paid gig and participated in my first gallery show.

Two years earlier, in 1990, I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles. I had him chase sea gulls on the beach while I was snapping away, capturing their flight, with my first real camera recently purchased from my brother.

I remember that as the moment I decided to become a photographer. For real.

I always loved taking pictures but was discouraged by a job coach after high school. “There are no jobs for photographers!” she barked at me. I took her word for it. When one of my photo teachers in Sweden told me about the school in New York he had attended, I remembered reading an article about the same school, ICP. It had felt like a dream that could never happen to me.

I applied, was accepted and in September 1993 I traveled to New York to attend a one-year program at the International Center of Photography. And love kept me in the Big Apple.

In 2005 a friend of mine working at the Swedish Church in New York suggested that I list myself on the their website as a photographer. I did and ended up finding my niche. Wedding portraits in a New York environment of couples coming to NY to get married. Altough my Mom thinks I have too many kissing pictures on my website...(She also claims that when I was a little boy I told her I'd move to America and that I would send her a ticket to come see me). Funny how life turns out.  My 25 years as a photographer and counting!

 I am 51 years old. Home for me is Manhattan, where I live, me and my gold fish. My family is in 3 different parts of the world. Sweden, Spain and Brooklyn,New York.

Enjoy! - Michael


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